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hiker on Kummakivi hill

Hiking, running & nature trails

Ruokolahti is a top destination for hikers. There are tracks and nature paths from under 1 km long to over 70 km long. Most are suitable for cycling, trail running as well as hiking.

Hiking Trails

Ruokolahti hiking trails offer varied landscapes across ridges, hills and along several scenic lakes. The main Ruokolahti hiking trails consist of two loops that can be combined into a 40 km long circuit. Then there's the Ruokolahti - Rautjärvi -route, which is a part of the wider E10 -trail system.

Hiking trails: 18, 40 & 70 km
hikers in the forest

Scenic Trails

Hukkavuori [Wolf Hill] and Haukkavuori [Hawk Hill] are both located in the northern part of Ruokolahti. The exotic and fun trails at Hukkavuori are an experience for hikers and families with children. Haukkavuori is the highest point in South Karelia and from there you have a really nice view of lake Sarajärvi, as well as a connection to the E10 -hiking trails.

Scenic trails: 1 - 10km
view from Haukkavuori

Fitness & Running Trails

Ruokolahti is known for its endurance athletes and so there are plenty of trails suitable for hiking and running around the municipality.

Fitness & running trails: 1 - 7km
fitness trail in a forest

Nature Trails

Our nature trails are mostly easy to navigate. The lengths vary from half a kilometre to just over two kilometres.

Nature trails: 0,5 - 2,3km
Kummakivi trail on in the forest